Shifting Update Monday 24th March 2014!

Perhaps you have been having dreams of past relationships and situations? In these dreams you are re-visiting disturbing times; times that you thought were over and done with but the feelings you carry within you today tell you otherwise!
Perhaps you have not fully acknowledged, owned and honoured them?

Whatever the truth is, it is now time to do so. If you continue to carry yesterdays stories with you today, you will be unlikely to enjoy the new energies that you have created for tomorrow/This Moment!

It is now time to let go of an old chapter in your life’s story and to create a new one; one NOT based on anything that no longer supports you. Yes, it can feel quite uncomfortable especially if for the first time you do not know what you want to do next or even if you WANT to do anything next. After all, perhaps you have finished doing in life and now is the time just to BE? Only you can decide!

But be open to the new energies that come in and Trust in the process of positive change; even if it feels way out of your comfort zone. Remember! You are not alone in this. We are all in this evolution of humanity and for the first time ever, have a strong connection and vision of Light, peace, Oneness and love.

We are ONE. We are Light. We are Love!

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Supermarket of Life!

I have just come back from the supermarket of life! I go there pretty much daily and each time the ingredients I choose are the same; although sometimes I may add something new just to spice things up!

In my basket I add a huge dose of peace, a bountiful amount of joy along with a casket of Divine love, Divine light and Divine life. There are many other wonderful energies I also choose to go in my basket; each leaving me feeling satiated and really rather blessed.

All is light, All is bright, All is well.

I shall be visiting my supermarket of life always and forever, and each time I do I will am rewarded with shopping points. A no
zzzshopping bag

zzpeace lovelose situation!

What are you putting in your basket?

Jacqueline Cullen
Beyond the Shift.

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As long as we are living, change is a constant…

Change continues to happen, even when we wish it otherwise. The best way to ‘roll’ with it, is to allow it to Be.

Usually those moments where we feel we are going backwards, are when we are coming to the end of an old way of being/thinking.
The dark before the dawn, so to speak!

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Shifting Update 10/1/14

‘New Beginnings’

There has been a general sense of dread for some time now, as though this may well be the ‘end of the road’.
….Literally like one has died!

Not having a conscious awareness of this underlying fear, in each moment we carry with us the heaviness of Death and Endings.

Once we SEE this for what it is…transition to a higher vibration, we free ourselves from such heaviness and Birth ourselves to all that is LIGHT and of the New Energies.

So, if you are in discomfort emotionally and do not know why, sit with it a while so that you may SEE what it is that is weighing you down:-)

Happy Endings and New Beginnings to you all

Jacqueline Cullen.
Beyond the Shift.

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Shifting Update 22/10/13

A few weeks ago I had an amazing shift in consciousness whereby I could actually see that I had been carrying with me always
into the present moment PAST issues, fears and beliefs. I knew that I did this but I never actually FELT it or SAW it before!
When this became clear to me a corresponding affirmation came to mind:
“In this moment I am free of all OTHER moments.In this moment I am TRULY free!”

WOW! This was such a huge leap for me and ever since I have been carrying this new belief.
“I am free in this moment. In this moment I am free”!!!

I have never felt so happy, so alive and so complete. I’m not looking for the next thing, I am soaking up the now.

What I love about the mantra is the part that says “In THIS moment”. It doesn’t say “In THE moment” which to me sounds as though it is outside of myself (external) but rather that it is a part of me…in THIS moment…

I always took so much time and trouble to run away from this present moment as it felt too distressing. But when I realised that the only reason the present moment felt distressing was because I was holding within it everything from the past; which of course was NO LONGER real but just experiences in time!
Present moment however is always empty and light.

Jacqueline Cullen
Beyond the Shift

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