Time to heal ourselves and the world we live in!

Over many many years we have become prisoners of the energies that are ‘domination’ and ‘control’!

These energies have kept us living as prisoners both internally and externally. As they continue to hold us in their space we carry living a life with feelings of suppression and powerlessness; unable to truly bring light into our lives. And unable to free our planet of such dense energy. Perpetuating the situation and fuelling it ever more.

It is now time to transcend these energies and reclaim the Light of the Divine. The Light of freedom; of joy; of love and of Oneness.

Join me in sitting a while with eyes closed,filling your entire physical and world body (Earth) with the transforming colour of blue.
Let it flow throughout; breaking down all barriers and restrictive energies. Feel the walls of these restrictions being melted away in the warmth of the blue energy.
Feel the density of these energies become ever lighter until there is nothing left♥


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Shifting 27th May 2014


When I first became aware of this Shift that is rippling through our world and within myself; I truly believed that I was going to be picked up by Spirit and magically transported to another realm. A realm so perfect I imagined it be like heaven!

Oh how I looked forward to this! I wondered how and when it would happen? I wondered about how it would affect my relationships with family and friends? Especially as they were not remotely interested in anything Spiritual or shifting!
I was scared that I would lose them all. At the same time though excited about the changes going on.

I worked hard on connecting ever more with Spirit, facing each long held fear; belief; behaviour with the knowledge that I will be rewarded with my Ascension.
…When it didn’t come I was disillusioned and slightly angry. After all, what was it all about? Dedicating myself ever more to a cause that I began to feel was futile!

In hindsight I can see that it was all part of the process; as are all good lessons in discipline!

Even when I thought I was not on path, my inner knowing kept me going. Even when I thought I would just ‘stop’, my inner wisdom stayed with me.

And as the years go on and I still live in the same place with my family and friends and although I may not be DOING as much as I once used to; I have learnt that the shift taking place is not to catapult me up the Divine ladder but rather to shift my human being as I live in the human body!

I still have my own stuff to deal with and happy that I am continually releasing them, but the person I am now is unrecognisable in every way! I AM SPIRIT and the LIGHT of ALL. I do not need to be in another dimension to BE this; I already AM.

Use that Light within you to shine on our planet. Use that Light in you to illumine your own path. Let this light shine for others to bathe in now… this world needs it more than ever!

So instead of sitting and waiting for the Spirit to propel you to the ‘next dimension'; use that energy to progress our world. Let’s not jump ship but rather stay and nurse/nurture the self and our saddened but beautiful world.

As we continue to shed the density of body, we are much better situated to assist in this amazing transformation!

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Shifting Update Monday 24th March 2014!

Perhaps you have been having dreams of past relationships and situations? In these dreams you are re-visiting disturbing times; times that you thought were over and done with but the feelings you carry within you today tell you otherwise!
Perhaps you have not fully acknowledged, owned and honoured them?

Whatever the truth is, it is now time to do so. If you continue to carry yesterdays stories with you today, you will be unlikely to enjoy the new energies that you have created for tomorrow/This Moment!

It is now time to let go of an old chapter in your life’s story and to create a new one; one NOT based on anything that no longer supports you. Yes, it can feel quite uncomfortable especially if for the first time you do not know what you want to do next or even if you WANT to do anything next. After all, perhaps you have finished doing in life and now is the time just to BE? Only you can decide!

But be open to the new energies that come in and Trust in the process of positive change; even if it feels way out of your comfort zone. Remember! You are not alone in this. We are all in this evolution of humanity and for the first time ever, have a strong connection and vision of Light, peace, Oneness and love.

We are ONE. We are Light. We are Love!

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Supermarket of Life!

I have just come back from the supermarket of life! I go there pretty much daily and each time the ingredients I choose are the same; although sometimes I may add something new just to spice things up!

In my basket I add a huge dose of peace, a bountiful amount of joy along with a casket of Divine love, Divine light and Divine life. There are many other wonderful energies I also choose to go in my basket; each leaving me feeling satiated and really rather blessed.

All is light, All is bright, All is well.

I shall be visiting my supermarket of life always and forever, and each time I do I will am rewarded with shopping points. A no
zzzshopping bag

zzpeace lovelose situation!

What are you putting in your basket?

Jacqueline Cullen
Beyond the Shift.

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As long as we are living, change is a constant…

Change continues to happen, even when we wish it otherwise. The best way to ‘roll’ with it, is to allow it to Be.

Usually those moments where we feel we are going backwards, are when we are coming to the end of an old way of being/thinking.
The dark before the dawn, so to speak!

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